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That one good idea

There's a saying I've heard quite a few times, by several different "kinds" of people. You just gotta find that one good idea. Such an interesting theory, not because it's not true - sometimes it is - but because I think it's underdeveloped, and a bit misleading. One good idea for what? To be rich? Famous? Successful? Maybe. But the liklihood of your spoils spanning your lifetime are slim.

I've learned the key is to condition your mind to create several brilliant ideas. To be able to rattle off brilliance like second nature. To be Andy Warhol, or Gordon Parks, or Quincy Jones, or even Steve Jobs. If you have ten great ones...one might be brilliant. But if you have twenty great ones, two or three might be brilliant. But it's a muscle that has to be developed. Try to sit down and come up with ten ideas, for anything you want. Things you wish existed. Stories you wish were told. Clothes you wish you could buy, but can't because they haven't been made, businesses you'd like to start. Try. It'll be hard for most people, but push through and see if you can do it. Then, tomorrow, try to write ten more. The next day, try again. Ten new ones.

Now, what should happen is as you go throughout your day, you'll suddenly become conscious of everything around you, so whatever you experience that day will then be sent through the creative filter you've been developing in your brain, and it will start to become easier and easier, as you strengthen that "good idea" muscle.

This is particularly important if you are an artist of any kind. One good idea REALLY doesn't work for you. As an artist your job is to keep them coming. To constantly be illuminating the world that others don't see. But in order to do so, you have to ensure that you can see it, yourself. So the mind must be trained. Everything must be filtered through that creative lens. The food you eat. The people you meet. The love you make. Everything. Alexander McQueen. Michael Jackson. Even Kanye West.

That's pretty much what this blog is for me. A sounding board, but even more of a training ground.

Think about it.

(And as usual, I hope this makes sense. *sigh)