writin' and whatnot

What I love to see most at a hip-hop show...

is, in the dark venue, young black men and women, giving hugs, kisses, pounds, daps, secret handshakes, calling their play cousins by nicknames while their shadows dance to Wu-Tang before the actual show starts. I love it.

Young and black and young and black and young and black.

I went to see my homeboy scienZe perform the other night. A young Brooklyn emcee, I've been following for a while. The environment he ushered in is the one that gives us hope in ourselves, in our future, and in our young people.

I also got to hear some new nicknames. Peanut and Boobie and Black are gone. Old school. There was a dude there...a dude everyone loved, called Icy Popcorn. Yes...Icy Popcorn.