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What I noticed about Cup-O-Noodles...

20111215-090609.jpg ...is that there's really no "O" in the name! Did you know that? I've been calling these things by the wrong name for 20 years, until yesterday I was picking a few of my favorite dehydrated snacks up from the bodega, and I stopped and really looked at the packaging, and there it was - "Cup Noodles."

I feel like I've been tricked!

Or maybe I feel like a dummy. Well, not a dummy, but definitely a participant in a gigantic ghetto groupthink. Because I just knew there was an "O" there and even believed I saw it on the packaging.

All these brilliant college kids doctoring up these dorm delectables, would fail if the test was one multiple choice question: What is the name of the dehydrated noodle and vegetable cup?

A) Cup-O-Noodles B) Cup Noodles

Okay, okay, I know this isn't a big deal and I'm going on about a trivial point in our lives that's nowhere near as important as politics, etc. But you have to admit, for so many of us to just adapt and adopt a title for something, to assume it's called something it's not, to read the label and ignore it because it isn't what we're used to (I'm still gonna call it Cup-O-Noodles) definitely says something.

(There's a point in there somewhere.)