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Ten of my favorite (free) iphone apps

Here are ten of my favorite (free) iphone apps. 1.) Fooducate: So dope. It allows you to scan any food item, or type it in, and it will tell you all the nutritional facts, offer healthier alternatives, tell you what's in it, and even allow you to compare it with another scanned item. Dope. Especially for the health conscious.

2.) Lemon: Lemon basically is a savior when it comes to tax right-offs and budgeting. All you do is scan your receipts using the phone camera, and it processes them and categorizes them into personal, business, etc, and keeps a running log. That way, when tax time comes, you can literally email yourself a pdf of your actual receipt log, and print them out. No need to keep them all in a shoebox anymore.

3.) Scatterbrain: Just a dope way to organize thoughts. I use notepad a lot to jot ideas, but when it comes to really organizing everything from book ideas, to blog ideas, to keeping a watch on all the cool stuff I want to check out, this has been extremely helpful. Plus the app has a dope design.

4.) TED: If you dont know what TED.com is, you should. The app is as dope as the website. Hell, the app is the website. But in app form.

5.) Farkle: One of the only games I play on the iphone. I know Angry Birds, Doodlejump, Fruit Ninja, and now, Temple Run are all favorites, but if you want an amazing time passer without the frustration or high stress, this is it. It's hard to explain how to play it...just give it a shot and thank me later.

6.) Chipotle: Might be my favorite app, period. Amazing. Seriously.

7.) Band of the Day: Cool app for music heads. Everyday this app gives you a new band, of any genre that you might not (probably don't) know. It gives you bios, reviews, songs, videos, and of course, the option to buy. A really cool app, that never gets old.

8.) Immaculate Infatuation: A food app, started by two record execs. Mostly a New York thing, but super dope, especially if you are a foodie.

9.) Docusign Ink: Yo. This is amazing. This app allows you to sign documents from your phone. Like, I could sign a book contract (did I tell yall I had one of those? Yeah? I mentioned it? Oh, ok.) from my phone! No need for a fax machine. (This is a dangerous app. If you have this, make sure to get one of those security code things on your phone.)

10.) Gilt: Just a brilliant, well functioning, beautifully designed app. Who doesn't like nice clothes?

Oh, and Wordpress. Obviously.

And yes, I know about Instagram. Just didn't seem necessary to mention it.