writin' and whatnot

My definition of wealth...

...is simply to have total control over my time. To get up, have a cup of tea (if I want to,) read the paper (if I want to,) go for a run (if I want to,) go see my family (if I want to,) go on a trip (if I want to,) have dinner with my lady or my friends (if I want to,) and work on my books (if I want to...well not really. I kinda have to do that, but it's OK because I love to do it.) If I only make 50 thousand dollars a year (though I plan on making much more) and can do it without having to go to a workplace, with a boss, a lunch break, an HR department, cultural sensitivity and sexual harassment trainings, stale coffee in the break room, and a corkboarded cubicle...then I'm wealthy, as far as I'm concerned.

To me, time is far more precious than money.

It's that simple.