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What's your grind?

Whenever I ask an artist, or entrepreneur what they're up to, the stock response is, "On my grind," or, "Grinding hard, man." And, yes, I too am a "grinder," but when I looked up the actual definition(s) for grind, I was faced with a dilemma -- what kind of "grind" am I on? The definitions of the verb, grind:

1. grind: v, reduce something to small particles or powder by crushing it.

2. grind: v, rub, or cause to rub together gratingly.

3. grind: v, move noisily and laboriously, especially against a countering force.

4. grind: v, rotate the hips.

I'm going with number three.

And sometimes number four.

(Hey, what can I say.)

DEFINITELY not number one.