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A fairy tale love

Yesterday I had the pleasure and honor of performing at my homies Hank and Desi's wedding. Hank and Desi. Hank and Desi. If you went to college with us you'd know why Hank and Desi is as much a term or phrase as it is the names of two people. The way the story goes: Hank and Desi meet and become...Hank and Desi, best friends, college sweethearts. After years together they part ways (college is such a bubble, often sheltering you from other experiences, etc.) Somewhere along the way (years) Desi has a beautiful daughter. Her and Hank somehow reconnect not too long ago, after some years, and the fire was still there. So they got married yesterday. Simple. Hank and Desi.

And as I watched them standing in front of each other giggling like the love was new, joking around the same way they did in school, I thought about how I've never really known them without one another, and that I didn't need to to know that they've been made better because of each other. Almost like each person is only illuminated by the love and light of the other. Hank and Desi, best friends, college sweethearts, now husband and wife.

If you love something, let it go. If it comes back...