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National Poetry Month, Day 1

So, today begins National Poetry Month, which for me and all my geeky poetry friends, means party time. Every year there is this challenge to write thirty poems in thirty days (which is hard and downright ridiculous, honestly) but this year, I've decided to give it a go! CHA-LAWNGGGGEEEE


is just so hard to explain.

Imagine waking up and someone, a stranger,

has you strapped down, has pliers shoved into your mouth, gripping a tooth

somewhere in the back, one of the big important ones,

and rips it out.

Imagine the knocking in your head, the pressure pushing through your ears, the blood pooling.

But the worst part, the absolute worst part,

is the constant slipping of your tongue into the new empty space, where you know

a tooth is supposed to be

but ain’t no more.